life_in_spades_3dPray for a good hand.  Talk trash if you get it, bluff if you don’t.  Do whatever it takes to win.  These are the rules when you’re living Life in Spades.

Friends Gina, Sherry, Cookie, and Laura get together for monthly Spades games where bragging rights go to the winners and a pitcher of sangria goes to the losers.  In this part-gossip-session, part-therapy game night, they play cards and discuss the hands that fate has dealt them.

Gina is training for a marathon with her white boyfriend in an effort to change her mother’s mind about interracial dating.

Sherry has said good-bye to her imprisoned ex-husband, and consequently, her dreams of the perfect family.  In her transition to being single again, she’s immersed herself in her own real estate business and settled for the company of handsome, younger men.

Cookie focuses all of her attention on cupcakes and muffins in her bakery while wrestling with memories of her late fiancée and an obvious attraction to the delivery man who comes by every day.

Laura plays by a strict set of self-imposed rules in order to maintain her one-woman, professional escort service.  But when she meets two particular clients, she allows herself to break her first rule – don’t tell the client your real name.

The deck gets shuffled over and over and each woman must reconsider how she’s going to play her hand and win.

The women’s stories unfold with humor and insight, page after page.  As they negotiate love, strengthen their friendships, and embrace their lives, the reader will smile as she sees glimpses of herself and her own friends.

Life in Spades is available in paperback and in e-book formats for your Kindle or Nook (and related iPad apps) for your enjoyment. Paperback: $14.95 plus applicable taxes and shipping. E-books: $4.95.

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