Every mother probably has experienced that nervousness of finally, after 9 long, growing, worrisome months, seeing her baby to be and introducing her to the world.  Even with the latest and greatest 3-D ultrasound imaging, we still wonder “what exactly will she look like?” And although we think he’s going to be a great kid, we agonize over whether everybody else will like him or will he get bullied on the playground? Will she get voted Homecoming Queen or be the top student in science class? We wonder, we worry. And we kinda close our eyes real tight and hold our breathe until the first person – friend or stranger – peeks into the bassinet and remarks “what a cute baby you’ve got there.”

So it is with being a new author releasing a debut novel. After writing and typing and editing and re-writing and re-editing for many months (years), a gestation period much like that of an elephant (or two), we finally close our eyes, push the final pages out onto the bookshelf, and see what happens.

I mailed out my first round of orders for Life in Spades today and tomorrow will host my first book sale and signing. And then it will be out there, in the pubic eye for public scrutiny. And I expect the critiques, both the good and the bad.  I’m waiting anxiously to see where the sales numbers go.  I look forward to my first book club discussion and hearing what people think of it. I’ll be scanning Amazon and Goodreads and book blogs for a review. No, I’m not waiting for Oprah’s call (dreams are nice, but let’s stay focused).

The past few weeks have been busy and I’ve slept little (even less than usual) in my multiple roles of author, second editor, publisher, marketer, social marketer, accountant, general project manager. Being an independent writer means it’s all on you – the good, the bad, the tiring.  But its been a unique journey, and one that, as a whole, I don’t regret. Not yet anyway.

My book is now available, on Amazon and here on my website, in paperback and Kindle. (Nook is coming.) I’m holding my breathe while I wait to hear somebody, friend or stranger, say “my what a great book you’ve got there.”